Winners! Gamakatsu Elite Series Rd2, Forster 2016

IMG_1131The 2nd Gamakatsu Elite Series event of 2016 was held on April 2-3rd at Forster, one of our home waterways. Hometown advantage definitely paid off for us taking out first prize and a nice pay cheque. Following is a brief rundown of how it all went down.

Day 1
Session time 1pm-5pm 5 fish limit
Starting at 1pm definitely feels unnatural but we definitely made the most of it, well I did anyway as Mike was on call and due to that fact turned up about an hour late. Not wanting to travel too far I fished the lower part of the system, fishing the oyster racks Forster is so famously known for. It’s no secret that we love our rack fishing and with a large supply of Cranka Crabs in our arsenal that makes it even better. The first Hour without Mike saw me put a nice 850 gram fish in the well about 5 mins in with an additional 2 I couldn’t stop. After this short flurry the bite seemed to slow along with he tide. Recieving a call from Mike I headed back to the start to get him. IMG_1362Having brought nothing but a drink bottle saw us sharing my gear around. Our first stop was the weed beds in the Pacific Palms region of the system. This area has held some good schools of fish over the past few months, however we didn’t manage to find the bigger bites we were expecting. With an average limit which wasn’t improving we decided to head back and hit the racks for the last hour as the tide would be running in.  Turns out this was the right call with a few solid upgrades hitting the deck, including a last cast upgrade of just under 600 grams.This secured us first place after day one with a 3.55kg bag and a good lead of over 400 grams.


Now that’s how you want to upgrade

Day 2
Session time 6am-12:30pm 10 fish limit
Today’s game plan was slightly different to normal, scouting missions up river the weekend before proved it may be worth a look tournament day. I was confident it would pay off, more about that in a second. Starting day 2 once again in the lower part of the system we hit racks and washboards with the Cranka Crabs. The first hour was quite a productive one with 7 fish in the live well rather quickly. However also the feeling of disappointment due to some “big fish” being lost, which is simply par of the course when fishing racks. A total of seven good smoking’s to be exact by the end of the session, fish I just could not turn.

After exhausting our main spots it was time for the River Run to the top of the Wang Wauk. Having the boat speed we knew our down time wasn’t going to be an issue and in just 7 minutes time we arrived at the limit of navigation. Fishing the various rock bars and mangrove lined banks in the area, the first 20 mins had me thinking ‘was this the right move’ with only a few small fish landed. A quick change from one side of the river to the other was all that was needed with a chunky 32cm fork length bream gracing the decks. I looked at Mike & said ‘that’s why we’re here mate’. The next 2 hours saw us upgrading about 7 or 8 times, with the game plan to head back to the racks for last hour and a half. Leaving the Wang Wauk with over 2 kilos more than when we left the racks certainly made the River Run worthwhile.


Day 1 bag

The last hour and a half wasn’t as fruitful as we had hoped with only quite tentative bites and crystal clear water making it difficult. Casting Cranka Crabs into some ridiculous places meant leaving quite a few behind, one crazy cast produced a solid 600 gram upgrade right on the buzzer. Heading back to the weigh in your always thinking do we have enough weight? How did everyone else go? But our questions were answered with our 5.21kg & 8.76kg total bag giving us the win by over 400 grams. Absolutely stoked with the win and can’t wait for the Gamakatsu Elite Series Grand Final to be held here at Forster on the 15th & 16th of October.


Gear used:

Racks: 13 Fishing Envy 6’10ML, Daiwa Luvias 2506, Varivas Sea Bass 8lb Braid, Sunline FC Rock 8lb leader.

Racks: 13 Fishing Omen 6’10ML, Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500, Sunline Super Pe 8lb, Sunline FC Rock 8lb leader.

River: 13 Fishing Envy 7’1L, Daiwa Luvias 2506, Varivas Sea Bass 8lb Braid, Sunline FC Rock 6lb leader.

River: 13 Fishing Envy 7’1L, Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000, Sunline Super Pe 6lb, Sunline FC Rock 6lb leader.
Mike and Grant

IMG_1403 IMG_1398

Position Team Name Angler 1 Firstname Angler 1 Lastname Angler 2 Firstname Angler 2 Lastname Day 1 QTY Day 1 WGT Day 1 BB Day 2 QTY Day 2 WGT Day 2 BB Total Weight Event TOY
1 CARPET COURT / CRANKA LURES Mike Nelson Grant Manusu 5 3.55 0.00 10 5.21 0.00 8.76 100
2 LOWRANCE / EVINRUDE Mark Healey Jack Dihm 5 2.44 0.00 10 5.88 0.00 8.32 99
3 BERKLEY/CULTIVA Todd Riches Vaughn Lewis 5 3.03 0.00 10 4.94 0.00 7.97 98
4 LIQUID MAYHEM SCENT Zac O’Sullivan Matt Argall 5 3.13 0.00 10 4.56 0.00 7.69 97
5 FISHIN COMES FIRST Leigh Stout Isaac Golby 5 2.39 0.00 10 5.17 0.00 7.56 96
6 GAMAKATSU / RESTAURANT 26 Chris Deland TBA Later 5 2.50 0.00 10 4.68 0.00 7.18 95
7 BREAM ON Beau Startin John Startin 5 2.82 0.00 10 3.82 0.00 6.64 94
8 BERKLEY Russell Babekhul Chris Gates 5 2.93 1.24 10 3.47 0.00 6.40 93
9 ECOGEAR / YAMATOYO TAREE Rodney O’Sullivan Simon Johnson 4 1.62 0.00 10 4.70 0.00 6.32 92
10 SUNLINE Wayne Robinson Troy Urqhuart 5 2.11 0.00 8 3.27 0.00 5.38 91
11 YEP,I’M ON FISHING Adam Maddalena Amy Maddalena 4 1.57 0.00 8 3.22 0.00 4.79 90
12 NEWCASTLEFISHING.COM Brendon Hughes Scott Greentree 0 0.00 0.00 10 4.06 0.00 4.06 89
13 PONTOON 21/MASTERANGLER.COM.AU Denis Metzdorf Roberta Pearce 0 0.00 0.00 10 3.92 0.00 3.92 88
14 GAMAKATSU / MEGABASS Michael Starkey Zac Skyring 5 2.21 0.00 3 1.28 0.00 3.49 87

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  1. What a great weekend, guys! Again, well done. Looking forward to the grand final in October. Guess that means you won’t be taking your mum out for birthday dinner that night.

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